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Legal advice:
Ambrogio & Gaetani’s team is made up of professionals with complimentary backgrounds and experience, covering a wide range of areas of law, e.g. advising both Italian and foreign clients in relation to all aspects of real estate transactions, in relation to both residential and commercial property, including tax structuring ; advising on all aspects of the acquisition process under Italian law including (where required) negotiation of agents’ fees and negotiation of the purchase price and formulation of the written offer to purchase:

New finance laws: Italian real estate, February 2006: Attention > there are a lot of other changes too in the meantime > ascertain the actual laws and regulations
New finance laws have been introduced in Italy regarding the buying and selling of residential property between private individuals:
The rules stipulate that buyers can now declare the actual sales price in the notary deed but only have to pay taxes on the re-valued cadastral value of the property.  The notary fees will then be calculated on the actual sales price with a discount of 20%.

There have also been changes in capital gains tax to discourage vendors from under-declaring the market price they receive.  Now where a vendor is selling within five years of purchase and will, therefore, have to pay capital gains tax on the profit made, they will only now pay 12.5% on the gain instead of the past average of 30%.

PURCHASE Property Italy Liguria: Taxes, legal fees, costs and procedure:

As the tax regulations change frequently it is worth checking what the current situation is (local accountant / commercialista). Costs incurred for a foreign citizen upon buying of property in Italian territory (there aren't particular restrictions for Swiss buyers but Italian banks generally doesn't allow mortgage).

1. Commission rate: 1- 6 % of the purchase property price in agent's fees (on an average about 3 %)

2. Public Notary Cost: For any purchase of property in Italian territory , it is obligatory to have a notarial deed prepared by a public notary.
The costs of the notary is basedona Property price list established by the bar association and it varies according to the town council.

Notary's fee (approx.) according value of property:  EUR 250.000  >> € 2.000,    EUR 500.000  >> € 3.000

3. You will also pay the Geometra’s fee for the conveyance of the property. These can vary between EUR 500 and EUR 3,000 depending upon what work is involved in the conveyance.


The declared value is based on the official rateable value of the property, which depends on the local comune, the category and location of house and the size. This is generally considerably less than the actual purchase price. The amount payable depends on many factors including whether the property is your first and only home or a second home, whether it's a new home and whether you are a resident.

1. Taxes at Point of Purchase (registry tax / Imposta del Registro):
For the buildings calculated at 10% of the declared property price on the notary deed in case of purchasing without the facility as a Primary House.

 If asking for Primary House facility (with the condition to apply for been a Property Resident within 18 Months from the date of purchase) taxes at Point of Purchase are at 3% of the property price on the notary deed.

In the case that the estate owns hectares of land, taxes at Land Point of Purchase are 18% (considering that the estimate value is less that the one of the building)

2. Fixed taxes for registrations and legal stamps Euro 260 approx.


VAT:10% of the declared value of the notary deed (IVA = VAT on properties bought from construction companies is 3% if it is a first house

Fixed taxes mortagage and land office EUR 300


There are 3 documents to sign when buying a property in Italy:

1. It is customary to sign a written irrevocable property purchase offer and to give a small part-payment if the seller accepts the conditions by signing the document.

2. Upon acceptance of irrevocable offer , both parties will have to sign the preliminary contract of sale, in which they states the full Property price of the property, the name of the notary and the dates when the purchasing act will be fully complete. At this time the buyer will have to give 10% of the agreed Property price of the property (caparra confirmatoria) to the seller.

3. The final document is the notary deed, at this time the buyer will have to pay in full the remaing balance of the Property price agreed.

Annual Taxes
on income generated by property (rendita catastale):
If the property is not rented and kept for the exclusive use of the owner, the amount declared is equal to the Land office estimate of possible renevue for the property (rendita catastale). If there is no other income earned in Italy and the revenue earned by the property does not reach a taxable level, then these taxes do not apply.

Land Tax - IMU (Imposta Municipale Unica):
Taxes imposed on the property by the municipal council ("comune") calculated annually on the rendita catastale, divided into two installments payable every six months, in June and December. This tax changes depending on the Municipal Council and it varies from 0,4 % to 1,2 % depending on the location of the property and village and usage.

Maintenance Costs:

There are also running costs to consider:

Property taxes

Buildings Insurance, contents Insurance

Utilities (electricity, gas, telephone, water)

Waste or garbage

Community fees (only applicable if you are part owner of a community building or land e.g. an apartment in a block of flats.)
Garden maintenance, swimming pool maintenance


Please note: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, no liability will be accepted for discrepancies in actual fees and taxes levied.


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